Shermichael Singleton


Shermichael Singleton, Republican Political Strategist and Political Commentator.

Trump & Bannon Are Master Marketers

President Trump has surely had one of the most interesting starts of any American President.

For many observers, his presidency has been filled with problems. His brash style with reporters and bombastic tweets against those who oppose his agenda have left many D.C. insiders trying to understand this new normal. His relentless attacks on the media and his untraditional way of handling press conferences, telling reporters to "sit down" or calling their coverage "fake news," has dismayed the "mainstream" media and caused many pundits and analyst alike to go after Trump at every chance.

Some of their critiques are legitimate, but some may not be and based purely on fear and misunderstanding of the man and those who supported and continue to support him throughout it all.

What I have learned since observing and analyzing Trump during candidacy and now his presidency is the apparent strategy to his perceived madness — something most have missed, except for a few reporters and pundits such as CNN's Jeffrey Lord and New York Post and Washington Examiner writer Salena Zito.

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