Shermichael Singleton


Shermichael Singleton, Republican Political Strategist and Political Commentator.

The America I love is far better united than it is divided

The age of Trump can be best characterized as a period of uncertainty for many Americans. However, if you are like me and believe in America while also understanding our history as a nation, then you too, would know and believe that we can overcome this period of division and strife as we have in the past.

Our history as a nation is filled with a collection of uncertain moments in time, but despite them all, including those that nearly destroyed our democracy, we have persevered and overcome the challenges our nation faced. It has not always been easy and often it required great sacrifice, but we eventually got there. I have hope and firmly believe that we will at some point recognize that we are far better together than divided.

Like so many of you, I strongly believe in this great process known as democracy, and I know that our democracy will be no more or no less than what we allow it to be. No more or no less than what we’re willing to speak for that is good and right, or speak out against what is bad and wrong. The most unfortunate part of our current political system is that so many of our leaders are silent, saying absolutely nothing even though their own eyes have revealed to them so much that is wrong.



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